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Organic PM

Introduction to "Organic Project Management"

A great deal of what is published and taught about project management is about the tools. mechanics and methodologies. While these are essential mandatory skills mastering them does make someone a "Master" project manager, it qualifies them as a "run of the mill" project manager. Project managers who continue to repeat these skills over and over will not progress because to progress you must do something different to achieve different results.

Evolving to the next level requires understanding of how to apply the skills, mechanics and methodologies to each project, because every project is unique. You can teach someone about colour theory and brush techniques but that does not mean they can paint a masterpiece.

There is no analytical formula for teaching the evolution process, it is an organic metamorphosis. People who achieve the metamorphosis become "organic project managers" people who can't progress will remain "inorganic project managers". So what's the difference?

Inorganic project management Organic Project management
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Risk management Probability modelling & casual loop analysis


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