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Project director/manager

The immediate past has been marked by the rapid growth in using project management as the means for an organisation to achieve specific objectives in a managed timeframe and budget. I have a proven track record of over 14-years as a project director/manager in the telecommunications, health, property management, banking and postal business areas in New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia and South Africa.

Project recovery

Do you have a project that is seriously over budget, over time, unresolved issues between stakeholders or poor performance from suppliers? I have a proven track record in recovering project of this type, let me help.

Project reviews

Do you want an honest independent evaluation of your project? Is it really going as well as you're being told, are there hidden problems?

Methodology application

How exactly should the methodology you have selected be applied for your projects? Do you want to avoid your methodology becoming an overhead and contribute to project failure?

Project mentoring

Do you want to develop your in-house project managers? I can provide one-on-one mentoring for the projects they are managing right now. The objective is give your project managers someone they can talk through their decision making process with fully, frankly and privately.

Business consultancy

I can provide you assistance in:

  • Business Case development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Product evaluation RFI/RFP
  • Standards development & deployment
  • Account management
  • Strategic planning
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